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Our mission is to spread the play vibe in agile work and beyond. We offer this online community and annual community events (non-profit). These global UnConference(s) for high PLAYformance agile teams take place since 2011. #p4a23 takes place in person from August 31 to September 3, 2023, in Rückersbach, Germany. Find all information by joining here or by following us on Twitter or Mastodon.

We're excited about our sister community events in North & South America.

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... ideas for playful approaches and games to nurture agile approaches
... meet like-minded people interested in play and agile

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Current organizer team members and hosts: Bruce Scharlau, Dörte Schröder, Katrin Elster, and Pete Rößler.
Feel free to contact us: orgteam at play4agile.org